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Letter Re: A Warning on Kelly Kettles

Dear Jim,
Great Site, Jim! I wanted to warn some folks that may have ordered or intend to order the Kelly Kettle (mentioned in the article “Prepare or Die” [1], by J. Britely .) After receiving my kettle I rinsed it out with water and soap. I then tested the kettle to make sure it worked, and most importantly, learned how to use it before the situation required its use. I started with paper burning, then put small sticks from the yard in the chimney and that baby really boiled water fast. However, after using it twice and rinsing it out, I ran my finger along the inside of the water container. My finger was coated with a good coating of aluminum dust and some type of slightly greasy sticky substance. I rinsed it out again and again, boiled it again and again, and still my finger comes out with a good coating of aluminum dust. This cannot be good for human consumption. I sent the manufacturer e-mails but never heard back. It was so much dust–imagine spraying aluminum spray paint and passing your finger through the flow of paint real fast–yes – really, that much. If you fill it with water you can actually see fine aluminum particles float in the water at the top. Just a warning. – Jesse