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Note from JWR:

We are pleased to welcome two new advertisers:

Comprehensive Risk Solutions (CRS)–the Internet’s best identity theft protection service. Protect your assets by protecting your identity, They provide Credit Reports, Criminal Records, Non-Credit Loans, Public Records, and even reports of sex offenders in your neighborhood. CSIdentity will provide 24/7 monitoring of the reports and the Internet using CyberAgent technology to detect any online use of your identity, and alert you of changes. They also provide $25,000 identity theft insurance and full-service restoration assistance. Virtually everyone in America aside for a few Amish folks have online records that can be compromised. If you have a Social Security Number and a bank account and/or credit cards, you are vulnerable. I highly recommend subscribing to this service.

Affordable Shortwaves. Hundreds of SurvivalBlog readers bought handheld MURS [1] band radios from Rob at $49 MURS Radios. He stopped advertising only because he could no longer find a supply of the used Kenwood MURS transceivers. Well, now Rob is back in operation, offering brand new, factory fresh, Kaito KA1102 PLL [2] Dual Conversion AM/FM/SW [3] receivers with full factory warranty. Each comes with three AA NiMH [4] rechargeable batteries, wall charger, manual, stereo earbuds, suede carrying case, and an external wire antenna, for $69 each. Buy two and the price drops to just $65 each. Shipping is $9.50 via US Priority Mail for up to two radios. Rob mentioned “These radios are quite compact–small enough to store in an ammo can for EMP [5] protection.” This deal is presently being offered exclusively to SurvivalBlog readers. Details, reviews, and photo at: AffordableShortwaves.com