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Odds ‘n Sods:

Reader John M. mentioned: “With Christmas coming up, this is a great time to ask friends and co-workers to save their empty popcorn and cookie tins. Placing small electronic items in the smaller cookie tins and then nesting those tins inside the larger popcorn tins is an inexpensive way to provide a measure of EMP [1] shielding. And the price is right!”

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The special 33% off sale for the “Rawles Gets You Ready” preparedness course [2] ends on November 30th. Be sure to place your order soon. The course only rarely goes on sale.

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For those of you that just can’t wait for the release of the I Am Legend” movie [3] on December 14th, an early draft of the screenplay (before Will Smith got involved, and when the locale was still San Francisco) written by Mark Protosevich [4] is available online [5]. A hat tip to PNG for sending us the link.

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MM suggested this article by Chris Laird: Monster Western Credit Crisis – Prelude to a Depression [6]