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Letter Re: Water is Crucial for Survival

Mr. Rawles,
Just received the updated version of your novel/manual “Patriots” [1]. I love it.
Just a short note about water usage some folks might find useful: My wife and I are pre-positioning our “stuff” at our new retreat home. Finally clearing out the storage sheds and the house we currently live in. Anyway, the water situation at the retreat is this. We have a well but because of no electricity we have no water. Electricity is being fixed this week and the well /pump issue soon to follow. When we would go down to the retreat to work we had to bring jugs of water with us and than “borrow” from our vary kind and supportive neighbors. This past memorial weekend (31/2 days) proved to both of us how much water two people can really use working in 80 plus degree days. Going to our retreat isn’t a picnic at this time in its evolution. Lots of physical labor. With cooking, bathing, cleaning, flushing toilet (sparingly) and drinking we consumed approximately 100 gallons of water. Most of it went to hydration and hygiene. Being that we’re both in our 50’s I don’t think that that had anything to do with water consumption. Thirty years ago when I was active in sports and such I would consume tons of liquid. A body needs water to keep going , plain and simple. No water and in three days your in deep Schumer.
In a grid up SHTF [2] scenario it would be a time to store as much water as possible for when it becomes a grid down scenario (hopefully you’re already storing some). Then there would be control of the water. We will get solar Panels/batteries and a genny hook up at the pump for grid-down scenarios. I couldn’t imagine having to bug out on foot with just a gallon of water. You’d better have a water route planned and good water filters, etc because you will go through that gallon of water in no time. Than your going to be really hurting. If you have kids or grand kids your going to need to have a lot of water available. Do the math. Then multiply by 10.
Well, just sharing. Hope it helps someone. – Larry in Kansas