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Letter Re: Chemistry Knowledge is One of the Keys to Survival

I’ve been thinking about a recent Internet writer who argued that we aren’t headed toward the 1890s [technology/infrastructure] (we should be so lucky); we’re headed toward 10,000 BC! (Due to oil depletion and resultant social chaos and die-off).
Regardless of “where we land,” it seems that among all the technologies at the disposal of humans, sustainable and not, chemistry is ubiquitous. Everything, or most everything we do or use involves use of chemical technology. The survival issues involving chemistry are obvious: soap, diesel fuel, disinfectants, water purification/decontamination, powder for ammo, etc, beer and wine, to name just a few.
The average guy probably doesn’t need to know stoichiometric equations to derive amounts of chemicals for reactions (although that is essential if you don’t have a “cookbook” telling you 1 unit of this and 2 units of that…), but it is equally obvious that a rudimentary knowledge of chemical reactions and processes will be essential when the Schumer hits, especially for the longer term TEOTWAWKI [1] mode.
I found a couple of “survivalist applicable” books that I would highly recommend: Caveman Chemistry, and Caveman to Chemist, both sold by Amazon.com. Also, Principles of Modern Chemistry, by Oxtoby, Gillis, & Campion, is the best general Chemistry book I’ve seen.
It would be highly valuable to hear other forum members’ recommendations of sources of chemicals and chemical engineering information. Surely, there’s a lot out there if you can cut through the academic BS [2]. – WarDoc