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Odds ‘n Sods:

“The Wrench Spinner” sent us the link to a British government web site from “The Respect Task Force” [1]. Mike’s comment: “How Orwellian can we get.?” My comment: The Brits are incredibly naive to think that their bureaucratic system of ASBO [2]s will keep the yobs in check. Law and order is clearly breaking down n England. Disarming the citizenry, and making self defense a crime has been wholly counterproductive.

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Michael Z. Williamson [3] pointed us to this “report card” web page from The Brady Bunch on state firearms laws [4]. Note that California and New Jersey both have “A-” ratings, while Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming all got “F” ratings. They may not have intended it, but these state report cards are a useful tool in deciding on retreat locales. Hint: If you love your liberty, move to a state ranked “D” or “F” by the gun grabbers. Mike’s comment: “Indiana is only a D. I’ll have to work on that. We asked if they will correlate crime as well, but I suspect they won’t.”

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This news story was highlighted by Aljazeera: Venezuela exits IMF and World Bank [5]. Both the news itself and who featured it, are noteworthy. Meanwhile: Venezuela takes operations from big oil companies [6]. Moves like that don’t go un-noticed in the international community. Look for an economic and/or military showdown with Venezuela in the near future.