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Odds ‘n Sods:

Reader T.L. asked where he can get Castile Soap via mail order. It is available from Survival Enterprises [1]. They sell the same Dr. Bronner’s Brand soap that I’ve carried on my backpacking trips since the 1970s. (Castile soap is ideal for backpacking, because a little bottle goes a long way!) The microscopic type “ABC-1-2-3” labels make interesting reading. (Odd doctrine, but hey, the gent has the freedom to put whatever he wants on his bottles and packages.) BTW, I heard that Survival Enterprises [1] also still have a good supply of a few remaining varieties canned long term storage foods.

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Signs of the times: Gasoline Prices Soar on Refinery Trouble [2], and, Cost of Fuel, Corn Could Push Milk Prices Up 9% by Fall [3], and Gold, Silver Up As Oil Hits 6-Month High [4]. Gee, it’s a good thing that Ben Bernanke is at the helm of the Fed [5], keeping inflation in check.

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SurvivalBlog reader Murray mentioned that Kim du Toit [6] has again issued an invitation for readers to pick what they’d take on a cross-country wilderness journey. Murray’s comments: “Always interesting …… what long gun, what handgun, what knives, what dog. Me? Marlin 1894C, Taurus 669 .357 revolver, Cold Steel SRK with kydex sheath, a Bark River Knife and Tool Mini-Skinner with kydex sheath, and an American Working Collie. And a wish for a whole lot of steel in the spine along with good boots and healthy feet.