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Letter Re: Cargo Trailers Not Advised for G.O.O.D. Travel

I’m not a regular user of cargo trailers; I do own a 26-foot boat with a long-tongue trailer. Whenever I trailer the boat and whenever I have had occasional need for a cargo trailer, I have been the source for entertainment for bystanders. I think I inherited this failing from my father–but that’s another story.
My point: is, unless you are really adept at trailer handling, you may want to consider the fix you will be in if, while trailering to your secure location, you come upon a street barricade with armed folks. The attendant super adrenaline rush, together with your lack of trailering skills (backing up–which is always my downfall), may put you and yours in serious jeopardy.
Might be better to have your secured location already stocked, so that your escape vehicle can hold whatever you need to get you safely to that refuge. – R.B.

JWR Replies: I agree wholeheartedly! My general advice is still: It is best to live at self-sufficient retreat in a lightly-populated area, year round. But if you must live in the Dirty Big City, then the vast majority of your logistics should be pre-positioned at your retreat. When you attempt to “Get Out of Dodge” (G.O.O.D. [1]), when catastrophe strikes you might even have to abandon your vehicle and make it to your retreat on foot. So putting any significant logistics in a trailer could be an invitation to disaster.