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Letter Re: U.S. Dollar Collapse? I Think We are Getting Close

Over this past weekend, I began re-reading “Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse” [1] . I hadn’t touched it since mid-2000. Wow! page 10 includes:…”just before the Crunch…unofficial debt topped 19 trillion dollars…” a president that didn’t let trifles life ledger sheets and statistics get in his way…the real deficit was growing…”a full scale default on US Treasuries appears imminent…”
Then I look at Internet financial and economic news feeds [and see] Fleet Street (London’s Wall Street) recommending that their client firms get out of the US Dollar (USD [2]), China, UAE, Russia and others moving out of the USD. Many estimates of the debt are running at $40+ trillion, if you count off table and un-funded “liabilities”. A graph of the $USD index since 2003, shows a 30+% drop (no joke!). Pundits like Kudlow crowing that the economy has never been better, even claiming the “dollar is strong!”

In my opinion, we are close to a USD collapse! I’m not blowing smoke at you, as I think its hard to call tops or pick times of events and really no one can, but we are close, if not there!!! – Wardoctor