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Odds ‘n Sods:

Jason in North Idaho mentioned: Far-flung exurbs hard hit by housing downturn [1]

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There are just 8 days left in the big “Container load sale” at Survival Enterprises. [2] I can see from their availability chart that some items have sold out, and that they are now running low on their remaining inventory of both the “Bacon bits” (bacon TVP) and the shortening powder in the #2-1/2 cans. One bit of unexpected good news: The owner of Survival Enterprises just e-mailed me and mentioned: “We just found 10 more cases (we thought we were out) of Corn Starch in the #10 cans.” Don’t miss out on tis sale, folks! All of the storage food items are “first come – first served.” The prices are less than half of retail.

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Tim P., Doug S., and Michael Z. Williamson [3] all suggested I put up a link to this article: U.S. companies prepare for bird flu pandemic [4].