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Odds ‘n Sods:

Former CIA energy analyst Tom Whipple reports: The Peak Oil Crisis: Congressional Hearings – Round #2 [1]

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Cathy Buckle reports from Zimbabwe: Police crackdown on illegal small scale miners leads to deaths. [2] Just more of the same government heavy-handedness in troubled Zimbabwe. The once quite productive and prosperous nation is now chronically racked by hyperinflation. Speaking of inflation, be sure to scroll down to Cathy’s January 6th post, which includes this: “Before Christmas a loaf of bread was 295 dollars, now it is 850 dollars – the bakers say its still not enough to cover their costs and more rises are imminent…”

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A tip of the hat to John the Bowhunter for sending this news article on the “cytokine storm” effect:: 1918 flu killed by turning the body against itself [3]