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Letter Re: Advice on Retreat Locales–Former Microwave Sites?

I finally got a gallery for pictures to the microwave relay bunker that I mentioned near Whitehall, Montana [1]. . Most of them are self-explanatory but there may be some captioning later. Note that even the outhouse was galvanized and grounded. Mil-Spec!
I culled through the photos and left mostly the ones that I thought showed the most interesting features – the high ceilings, thick walls, armored shutters,grounding wires, blueprints, commanding view, and of course the tower itself. I also checked my notes and saw that the internal area was approximately 1600’…or about 40’x40′. For those wondering how such a place was found, someone emailed me a link to an auction on eBay [2]. Turns out that once in a while these things and similarly useful facilities turn up there. Throw some interesting terms into the eBay’s search function, limit your results to the real estate section and you may be surprised. The asking price, by the way, was $90,000…a very, very optimistic amount in my opinion for what was being offered. If it had water on it, it might have been worth it but since it didn’t. OBTW, there are sometimes underground bunkers offered on eBay [3]. They are out there if you know where to look.
Underground bunker on eBay. They are out there if you know where to look. – Commander Zero [4]