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Odds ‘n Sods:

President Bush says that the U.S. needs to expand the Army and Marine Corps to fight extended campaigns overseas. [1]

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Our correspondent in Brazil (“The Werewolf”) spotted an article from the Yukon Territory with advice on bears in your backyard. [2] as well as this one: What to Do When You Encounter a Bear [3] The Werewolf said that he found the bits at the end, about “Predatory Attacks” downright funny.

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In a recent conversation with my friend Dr. S. Hans Paine, he mentioned both the WebMD.com [4] web site as a general medical reference, and Epocrates.com [5] for prescription drug information. Lots of information is a available free at both sites. He recommended that medical professionals get the paid subscription upgrade to Epocrates which includes greater detail, including information on herbal equivalents to modern pharmaceuticals.