Letter Re: Glock Grip Reductions and Replacement Frames

Dear Jim:
A very attractive option to make your Glock pistol point like a M1911 (and reduce the grip size) on your Glock is the CCF Race Frame.
This is an aluminum, titanium and stainless steel replacement for your Glock polymer frame that can keep the traditional Glock grip angle, or change it to 1911 angles and reduce the grip size. Plus they have tweaked the frame for many other ergonomic upgrades, plus an alloy frame gives a crisper trigger pull. (See the website.)
Alas, they aren’t out for the .45 caliber Glock, but they are “studying the G21 market.” We can only hope. 🙂
A major caveat is consistency. Don’t switch one Glock to 1911 angles, and leave your “other” carry gun unchanged, i.e., keep all the grip angles on all of your carry pistols the same A consistent grip angle for consistent muscle memory to point the pistol the same every time, is crucial.
E.g., If you carry a 9mm Glock 19, I would not convert your full-size 9mm until they have the compact Glock 19 compact frame out. They don’t plan to handle the tiny sub-compact models, such as the G26, G27, G30 or G36, so if that’s your main carry gun, you’re out of luck.
The big question for multiple Glock owners is – do you want to drop ~ $300 per Glock to convert?
The final caveat is that you have to buy these replacement frames from or through an FFL dealer, as the frame is treated just like a complete pistol. If you bought privately, you may not want to now endear yourself to the gun owner databases being (illegally) collected!
If you only own one or two Glocks, bought from an FFL – I’d go for it just as soon as it has been around long enough to demonstrate that it doesn’t reduce any of the legendary Glock reliability.
Would anyone be so kind as to get one, test it for 1,000 rounds, and be a guinea pig for the rest of us? 🙂 Regards, OSOM – “Out of Sight, Out of Mind”