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Odds ‘n Sods:

In a recent newsletter article, economist Dr. Gary North [1] commented: “We are at the cusp of Bernanke’s experiment: to reverse Greenspan’s era of monetary expansion without toppling the bubbles that this expansion led to. Can he do it? If he can, and if he does, then he is a wizard much more gifted than Greenspan. Anyone can inflate the money supply. The trick is to stabilize it without tanking the economy after the policy of inflation is a decade old. Paul Volcker could not do it, 1979-81. Greenspan never tried. For those of you who don’t remember January, 1980, gold hit $850 and silver hit $50. The dollar was worth twice as much back then. Are you prepared for something similar?”

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Three great pieces of commentary were recently posted over at Gold-Eagle.com: “The Economy In Denial: Fallout from the Bursting Housing Bubble” [2],by Axel Merk, “Stay Focused on the Major Trend” [3], by the Aden Sisters, and “What’s Behind The Meltdown In The Commodity Markets? [4]” by Gary Dorsch.

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Gun Parts Guy (GPG) is having a big seasonal sale on FAL and L1A1 parts [5]. The sale ends on October 2nd. All of you that are FAL owners should check it out!