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Odds ‘n Sods:

The EIA projects energy consumption will increase by 71% by 2030. [1] SurvivalBlog reader John Adams asks: “Think there will be enough to go around?”

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Wiggy’s [2] (one of our first and most loyal advertisers) has put their famous Pack Boots on sale at 25% off, for as long as they last. They currently have sizes 7 to 15 in stock. They also have their new summer weight sleeping bags on sale for just $100, with a compression stuff sack. These bags weigh just two pounds and stuff to just a 6″ by 7″ space. They are the perfect weight bag for folks in southern or tropical climates or for live-aboard yachties. Since they are rectangular, they also make great overbag to “up” the insulation factor of your existing primary sleeping bag. Our kids love this type of bag for “indoor camping” –such as for trips to visit their grandparents. I recommend that you take advantage of this sale price and get one for each member of your family. OBTW, please mention SurvivalBlog when you order.

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David in Israel Recommends: “Begin cycling now. Regular use of your bicycle will lead to both equipment customization and good fitness, not to mention money saved on fuel for new gear.”