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Letter Re: HK USP .45 ACPs and the Belgian Malinois Dog Breed

Mr. Rawles
I’ve just finished reading the back blog and thank you for creating such a great resource! I haven’t read “Patriots [1]” yet but it is coming on inter-library loan since it is out of print. After reading your thoughts on the .45 ACP [2] I was wondering why I’ve never seen the HK [2] USP mentioned. I own one and really like it quite a bit. It shoots straight and is soft in the hand. Plus it has the rail mount for weapons lights and comes in either stainless or the hard black. I keep mine in a Bianchi holster which will adjust for carry of the gun with a weapon light. I’d love to hear your opinion.

The other thing I wanted to talk about is dogs. I’m no expert but I’ve been around and training dogs all my life. Mostly for hunting but I am now moving up the food chain so to speak. My current dog is a Belgian Malinois and I am very impressed. These dogs are fast (30+ mph), hard hitting, have good noses and a strong protection instinct. Plus I have no worries letting him play with my three year old nephew–supervised, of course. He is absolutely gentle with the boy yet when I play with him he knows that he can get rough. Another thing is that when I take him outdoors he is attentive to me. Hunting dogs just want to hunt to the point of distraction, its in their blood. Malinois are protectors. When he hits the yard he stands up tall, head up, ears up and watches. I know that it’s often not good to take the military approach to survival but I want to point out that the U.S. government is going to Malinois and Dutch Shepherds. Also since you have so much livestock it would seem that having a natural herder would be advantageous. Don’t forget also that what is true for us is true for our dogs. I’m talking about training. It does no good to have a giant dog who doesn’t know how to bite or who isn’t obedient (which is dangerous). Thanks again for what you do and thanks for listening.  – A Hi-Plains Reader