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Letter from The Army Aviator Re: EMP Countermeasures

Thank you for writing “Patriots [1]”. I re-read my copy at least yearly and it is very dog-eared and highlighted. I currently have 2 – 3 years worth of wood under cover and today I was adding a little. This fits in with the latest posts to your blog. I’ve been ignoring reality for awhile now on one subject. Here is a point regarding EMP [2] protection. I carry my portable printer, laptop solar charger, manual squeeze charger, floppy drive adaptor, CD/DVD RW, et cetera in a shiny aircraft aluminum foam lined case which I keep in the truck because yuppies and socialites look at you funny otherwise.

My laptop has a great yuppie accepted case…….. except it’s fabric. So for my laptop I ordered in a foam lined, aircraft aluminum case in yuppie acceptable black. If I’m going to carry it around like I always do, I might as well protect it.

Most stuff will live in a foam lined, well sealed metal case whether it’s grounded or not. The rest of it will become boat anchors. I can’t believe that I put off this easy-to-do thing.

This is a good source for a solid laptop case [3]–not a riveted style which tend to be RF [2] porous.

Seems to me you said “Hindsight is 20/20”. Guess a little foresight wouldn’t hurt. 🙂 – The Army Aviator