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Lessons Learned from Kosovo

The following are lessons that can be learned from the recent civil wars in the former Yugoslavia:
Pray, repent, and obey God’s commandments. I fervently believe that God will put his covenant people in the right place with the right friends at the right time. Read the 37th and 91st Psalms! If you are a Christian but a backslider, repent and renew your Christian walk!

If at all possible, don’t become a refugee. Refugees have a short life expectancy. If you have done any reading about the many wars of the last century you will note that many of them caused massive dislocations of civilian population. The last category I want to be in is “refugee.” In war, life is cheap and refugees are vulnerable to untold horrors.

No matter what happens, blend in. Remember the old Japanese proverb: “The nail that sticks up gets hammered down.”

In the event of a civil war, decide early on if you and yours will be combatants or if it is the time to bug out. Make that decision early, and then don’t hesitate. Those who left Macedonia early on were able to take some possessions with them. But those who waited too long had little more than the clothes on their backs.

Stock up on key logistics for your family, in quantity. Consider what you will need for a situation that will last for months or even years.

Most importantly, always have a plan B, and a plan C. (Because Plan A is not always a sure thing.)