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Lee M. sent an interesting article and video: Time Lapse Views of Earth from Space. Lee suggests: "Take a look at the night scenes of Earth. it will give you an idea of where the major population centers are located."

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One final reminder that this weekend I will be a guest speaker (via teleconference) at the Get Prepared Expo, that is being held in Springfield, Missouri on April 28 & 29, 2012. The expo is being organized by USAPrepares.com, at the Ozarks Empire Fairgrounds. My teleseminar will begin at noon, Central time.

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Tam, over at the always entertaining and provocative View From The Porch blog suggested this: How to weaponize office supplies. (I've mentioned his videos before.)

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G.G. sent this bit of good news: Labor Dept. withdraws farm child labor rule after Daily Caller report goes viral

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Ted S. suggested a web site with a lot of information about the Raven Rock underground continuity of government complex.

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