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Harry L. sent this: FDA wants farmers to get prescriptions for antibiotics used in animals. The FDA/AMA cabal will no doubt start calling the lack of prescription oversight by "loophole" (since we aren't "trained and licensed professionals"), and hence try to institute "commonsense controls." Does this sound familiar? I also suspect that large scale producers will be exempted from the prescription requirement, leaving the regulatory burden on the shoulders of small family farmers. (Which might also sound familiar.) If this goes into effect, just wait a few years and it will grow, with bureaucratic inevitability. They'll be telling vets: "You can't prescribe that! That farm is not in your state and that breed is not in the scope of your practice." (And does this sound familiar?)

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Here is a tangent to the same topic: Guide to Veterinary Drugs for Human Consumption, Post-SHTF.

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Larry in Utah sent an interesting piece on human psychology and body language: Walk Through Crowds.

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Rick E. sent this: Massachusetts High Court Throws Out Weapons Convictions Due to ‘Antique’ Gun. [JWR Adds: State laws differ widely, but see my FAQ on pre-1899 antique guns for more information about the Federal laws.]

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