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OSOM mentioned that he saw a recommendation from Richard Maybury for a PowerPoint presentation on Fire Extinguishers.

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Owners of ARES Shrike belt-fed AR-15s will likely want some of these 200 round belt pouches. By the way, my #1 Son (who runs SurvivalRealty.com) helped to design the subdued Shrike patch and also designed the Kit Carson Enterprises web page. The company is run by a widow who lives in Vermont. The Shrike pouches are just her first product--others will follow.

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Cameron sent this evidence of creeping Nannystatism: Yes, the New York City Department of Education "Banned Words" List is as Bad as Reported

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T.X. sent a link to some useful information: Which VPN Providers Really Take Anonymity Seriously?

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I read that FreezeDryGuy is running a special on their Adult "Danger Close" 3-Day Backpacks. This makes a good "core" G.O.O.D. backpack that you can add to, and tailor to your needs.

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