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Ttabs has posted another one of his great ultralight flying videos. This one was filmed in Eastern Washington. (You may recall his video dedicated to flying over some of the locales in my novel "Patriots".)

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David N. recommended this at Shepherd School: Aggressive Shooting Stance

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Gregg sent this charming news: U.S. trial program would spy on Internet users to prevent animal abuse. Just wait until home livestock slaughtering and butchering is outlawed. Then that will be redefined as "abuse."

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JWR Observes: It now appears that The Dear Leader, Jr., Jr. is a shoe-in: North Korea to hold special party conference ahead of satellite launch. The absurdity of Plantagenet-style Profoundly Pompous Primogeniture becoming the norm in the Pyongyang People's Perpetual Paradise of Proletarian Parity would be the source of belly laughs if it weren't taken so oh-so seriously and unquestioningly, north of the DMZ. )

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Grant M. and J.K.B. both highlighted this from Smithsonian: Richard Clarke on Who Was Behind the Stuxnet Attack

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Over at Alt-Market: Understanding The Slave Mentality

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