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I've recently had two consulting clients in the southeastern U.S. who've each lost thousands of dollars worth of canned freeze-dried and dehydrated foods to rusted-through cans, after three years and five years of storage, respectively, of unattended storage. You can spare yourself the same heartbreak by using moisture-resistant can repacking kits from RepackBox.com. These cleverly-designed re-packing box kits are designed to tremendously extend the shelf life of storage food in sealed #10 steel cans. (The kits come complete with plastic bags, silica gel desiccant packets, cable ties, cardboard boxes, and even a marker and packing tape. And since each box holds just one can, they are perfect for re-packing your six-can cases for barter or charity, or to take advantage of "nook and cranny" storage spaces where a six-can case won't fit.

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The latest commentary from Patrice Lewis: Treason From Within. (Her daily blog, Rural Revolution, is also excellent.)

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I often have questions from readers about charity. Please be charitable today and prepare to be charitable in event of disasters, in the spirit of Tikkun olam. ("Repairing The World".) One charity that I can endorse wholeheartedly is Anchor of Hope, a growing Christian mission school and orphanage in rural Zambia. Their Linda Rawles Memorial Fund is in honor of my late wife. ("The Memsahib.")

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Regular content contributor Pierre M. sent this: While the useless TSA harasses children, at John F. Kennedy International Airport Baggage Scandal; 200 Thefts Per Day by security workers. And meanwhile: TSA Manager Arrested for Running Prostitution Ring. (Thanks to Diana V. for the latter link.)

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Reader George S. wrote to mention that the recently-linked article about the top secret Visa data center neglected to inform readers where the top-secret facility is located. So he found us a satellite view. Thanks, George.

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