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Monday, Apr 23, 2012

Reader Jay B. wrote to mention this: IMF doubles lending capacity. Jay's comment: "Didn't you hear the printing presses speed up? You didn't? Well, I will give you a hint, and it sounded like a sonic boom."

Coin Dealers Squeezed By New Ordinances. JWR's Comment: To expect a coin dealer to hold merchandise for 15 to 30 days in a volatile precious metals market is absurd. No doubt their bid prices will be decreased, to cover the additional risk.

Doug Casey: Expect Extreme Volatility a the Titanic Forces of Inflation and Deflation Fight Each Other

The big swindle and a fog of debt – hiding the unemployed in the higher education bubble and three years of economic recovery equates to 11.5 million more Americans on food stamps.

Items from The Economatrix:

The Birth Of Barter: How One Greek Town Dropped the Euro and Moved On

IMF Tells US to Sort Out Debt, Quickly

Baseball Attendance Provides a Good Economic Indicator

Is The Economic Recovery Sustainable?

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