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Saturday, Apr 21, 2012

After an unexpectedly long delay, here it comes: Stivers’ steel-coin bill gets hearing in House. (2012 may be your last chance to stack up your rolls of nickels with relative ease, at face value.)

Reader "AmEx" sent this: Taxmageddon coming? Answer could cost Americans $500 billion

The latest in the ever-growing world of derivatives: Could the Next Investment Craze Be Hedging Marriages?

Kevin S. sent this: It's Starting To Look Like This Notorious Book On The End Of Growth Was Right

Several readers sent this: 16 Reasons To Move Away From California

Items from The Economatrix:

More US Cities Set to Enter Default Danger Zone

Did Doctor Copper Become Doctor Plopper?

Gold Heading to $700; Author Sees "Impending Collapse"

Economists' Forecast:  Congress Won't Fix Economy

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