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Sunday, Apr 15, 2012

G.G. mentioned this "must read" piece: How The Country Dies

Reader Debbie M. suggested the new PBS television series called America Revealed. Debbie notes that this series unintentionally underscores the complexity and fragility of our long chains of supply and our dependence on grid power. The first episode, "Food Nation", is now available for free streaming viewing.

Kevin S. suggested this: The Unemployment Farce

Swiss Bank Accounts: Why Mitt Romney (or an Average Joe) Might Want One

Items from The Economatrix:

Unemployment Falls Fast In U.S. If Men Get College Degree

Mid-Incomers Suffer In Polarized U.S. Job Market Economy

Minimum Wage Lower In Real Terms Than 1968

Fed Warns: Too Soon to Say US Economy Out of Danger

Unemployment Claims in US Rises to Two-Month High

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