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Tom. H. sent this bit of CNBC punditry: Silver: Poor Man's Gold Turning to Fool's Gold? [JWR's Comment: It is actually U.S. Dollar-denominated investments that are for fools. The Dollar is doomed. Silver and gold are merely a couple of the best hedges on that inevitability.]

Don't Call Them 'Extreme Couponers': Meet the Coupon Enthusiasts

Over at Seeking Alpha: A Run On Guns Is Making Investors Happy

G.G. sent this: Obama's Budget: 'Interest Payments Will Exceed Defense Budget' in 2019. [JWR's Comment: Or much sooner, if interest rates jump.]

B.B. sent this: World food prices rise further, raising fears of unrest

Items from The Economatrix:

Americans Brace For Next Foreclosure Wave

Stocks: Worries About Europe Resurface

Payroll Gain in US "Probably" Exceeded 200,000 for Fourth Month

Jobs Recovery Suffers Setback In March

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