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Several readers sent this: Next Great Depression? MIT researchers predict ‘global economic collapse’ by 2030. Of course, many SurvivalBloggers would consider the timeframe of their prediction overly optimistic.

SurvivalBlog reader G.T. Mace, a gold dealer, sent me some details on a new gram units gold bullion product from KB Edelmetall Gmbh of Switzerland and Germany that is packaged in tamper-proof plastic, in the form factor a credit card: Karatbars. Be advised that I haven't researched their mark-up percentage (and you definitely should, before buying), but the concept is captivating. BTW, with 31.1035 grams per Troy Ounce you can simply divide the spot price per ounce by 31.1035 to determine the cost per gram.

So much for global economic recovery. See this: Too Many Container and Dry Bulk Vessels But What of Oil Tanker Futures? And this: COSCO reports yearly losses of $1.66 billion. (Thanks J. McC for the link.)

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