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Dan T. sent a link to a list of the 10 worst tornado states in the country. Dan notes: "I live in Kansas, the #2 tornado state and I've never seen a tornado in my life. I've seen the results of tornadoes, but have never actually seen one and they excite me more than worry me. I have a basement."

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Don't miss this informative piece: How big a Garden? How much seed? (Their other articles are indexed here.)

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J.B. mentioned that an invasive species law is misapplied to heritage breeds: Michigan DNR Going Hog Wild

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Eric sent us a link that underscore lack of EMP and CME readiness: A Drill to Replace Crucial Transformers (Not the Hollywood Kind) Now imagine what will happen if there are simultaneously thousands of blown or fused-to-slag transformers...

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It is sad that States have to take this sort of step to stop implementation of the NDAA bill's arrest and detention provisions: Military detention legislation divides Virginia Republicans

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