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Society’s Five Stages of Economic Collapse (Originally posted at the SHTFPlan blog.

Greece Is D-O-N-E, $70 Silver In 90 Days. [JWR's Comment: But we should expect a brief dip in metals, if there is a banking crisis caused by the Greek "credit event" (read: default). In a credit crisis, many assets--even precious metals--will be liquidated to cover margin calls. Look at that as a short term buying opportunity.]

Those pesky derivatives, again: Greek Default Payouts May Bring Some Costly Surprises

Items from The Economatrix:

Massive Resignations Have Started 2.0

Gerald Celente Speaks Of Civil Unrest

S&P Downgrades Greece To Selective Default

Barclays Confirms It Is Bank At Centre Of Tax Avoidance Row

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