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Diana sent this: Silver Price Could Double by Year End.

G.G. suggested this New York Times article: Citing Losses, Postal Service Seeks Higher Stamp Prices

Also from G.G.: Jobless disability claims soar to record $200 Billion as of January

Chuck recommend a piece that was posted over at Zero Hedge last year: Art Cashin On The Most Important History Lesson Of The Last Century

Items from The Economatrix:

Eric Sprott:  Silver Will Be A Currency Again

NY U.S. Bankruptcy Court Rules MERS's Business Model Is Illegal. Here is a quote: "United States Bankruptcy Judge Robert Grossman has ruled that MERS's business practices are unlawful. He explicitly acknowledged that this ruling sets a precedent that has far-reaching implications for half of the mortgages in this country. MERS is dead. The banks are in big trouble. And all foreclosures should be stopped immediately while the legislative branch comes up with a solution."

The Price Of Gasoline Is Outrageous -- And It's Going To Go Even Higher

Inflation Everywhere But MSM Says Not

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