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Wednesday, Sep 17, 2008

If you feel like you've waited too long to Get Out of Dodge, and you need to buy a complete, turn-key retreat, then listen to this: I've personally visited a northern Idaho retreat that just went on the market, through our spin-off site: SurvivalRealty.com. This retreat has some very special features (most of which I've seen) that will be revealed only to qualified buyers.

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Eric sent us this: Japan Stocks Dive to 3-Year Low on Lehman, AIG Capital Concern. "[The] Nikkei closed early as the volume was approaching their load limits..."

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A bunch more more economic gloomage gleaned by Cheryl, our Economic Editor: How the [Financial] Masters of the Universe Ran Amok and Cost Us the Earth--Card Debt Up 8.5%; Delinquencies Rise--HP To Cut 24,600 Jobs in EDS Integration--No Jobs Make Mean Streets--More Financial Turmoil to Come--The Social Imperative of Sound Money--The Final Destruction of the Middle Class--The Danger Is Not Fully Appreciated (US Under Financial Attack?)--Stocks End Higher After Fed Leaves Rates Unchanged--Barclays Agrees To Acquire Lehman Assets--Money as Debt--Money-Market Rates Double Amid Global Credit Seizure--Report on AIG Rescue Boosts Wall Street--AIG Shares Swing Amid Crisis--Goldman Sachs Down 70% in 3Q--Fed to give AIG $85 billion loan and take 80% stake--and, Is the US in Recession? (You think?)

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And for a little levity on the ever-encroaching Nanny State: City uses DNA to fight dog poop

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