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Craig R. Smith of Swiss America asks: Will government bailouts spell end of dollar? (A hat tip to Jack in Texas for the link)

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TheOtherRyan over at TSLRF (one of the eight-or-so blogs that I read frequently) posted a succinct and commonsense list: 10 commandments for buying gold and silver

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One of my "Secret Squirrel" contributors mentioned that because the price of 128 MB and 256 MB USB memory sticks (aka "jump drives" or "USB thumb drives") has dropped to less than $2 each, readers that want to contribute any articles or lengthy letters to SurvivalBlog can now do so more anonymously, by simply snail mailing them in MS-Word format or RTF loaded on a "stick". Just tape them onto folded a piece of stiff cardboard and use a standard size envelope. This way there will be no e-mail trail. It will also save me many hours of laboriously keying-in hard copy articles, and eliminate the risk of transcription errors. My only special request is that because of software compatibility issues, please be sure to send multiple copies of the files on the stick in various formats, including plain text ("TXT"), Rich Text Format (".RTF"), and Microsoft Word (".MSW"). Once I've copied and then deleted the files, I will pass those sticks along to soldiers deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq. (I'll pack them in my regular Any Soldier program gift boxes.) Our current mail forwarding address is: Jim Rawles, P.O. Box 303, Moyie Springs, Idaho 83845. Thanks!

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Eric mentioned this piece in The Toronto Sun: Head for the hills--U.S. economy collapsing under debt

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Cheryl N. (SurvivalBlog's Economic Editor) sent us some more news and commentary that she gleaned from her web research: Gov't, Wall Street Race To Save Lehmans--Bailout for Lehman Not Likely--Warning: 30 Airlines Will Go Bust This Year--August Foreclosures: Another Record High--US Housing Bear Market Nowhere Near Bottom--Lehman Brothers teeters on verge of collapse as Barclays pulls out

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