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SurvivalBlog reader "Cyberiot" mentioned that readers with concerns about pandemic flu may be interested in a new and growing online storybook sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). "Pandemic Influenza Storybook: Personal Recollections from Survivors, Families, and Friends" includes first-person accounts of the 1918 and 1957 flu pandemics. Readers are encouraged to contribute their own recollections. Speaking of flu pandemics, earlier this year, New Scientist magazine published a detailed analysis of how a 1918-scale influenza pandemic would affect the US economy.

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I've heard from a reader that he plans to attend the ASPO Peak Oil Conference in Sacramento, California, later this month. When you attend events like these, please wear a SurvivalBlog t-shirt or hat, or carry one of our tote bags or messenger bags. You may be surprised who you bump into! (And we need all the publicity we can get.)

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Range Rat sent us this article: Survey finds holes in US disaster preparedness. Range Rat's comment: I think they are trying to go against basic human nature trying to get parents to evacuate without their children. No wonder 63% won't go along with the plan. I'm shocked that 37% said that they would!

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Our Economic Editor sent us another raft of news and commentary: The Feds Are Running Scared, Feds Considering Bringing Fannie, Freddie On To Budget, "Let Them Eat Cake", Pareto's Bazooka, Calling US Bonds Home, Deployed to the Dole Line (The Mogambo Guru), Stop the Bailout, Bailouts Will Push US Into Depression, WaMu Downgraded to D+, and BofA Says Losses Have Shifted to Commercial Loans.

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John Embry comments on the coming bounce in precious metals prices: When gold is gone, market will go nuts. I concur that the price of gold is currently undervalued. It is a good time to buy physical gold! (Buying junior gold mining shares is much more risky, but the potential profits are larger.)

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