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One of our many subscribers with a Hushmail address suggested this TED Talk video: Adam Grosser: A new vision for refrigeration

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Cheryl N. sent us this: FDIC Gets Ready for Bank Failures

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Also from Cheryl: Wall Street Fears the Worst as US Housing Sales Continue to Fall

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A SurvivalBlog reader in Arizona wote me to mention that he just acquired several Wells Fargo vaults (about 5' x 6' and around 3,000 pounds each) along with several smaller but still large safes and fireproof filing cabinets. If any readers in Arizona might be interested, these are very inexpensive versus normal retail. Contact : Robert Mayer. (617) 997-6295. Note: This offer comes from someone that I've never met or done business with, so caveat emptor.

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Here are a couple of discussion forums that SurvivalBlog readers might find of interest: Tree of Liberty Forums and Beacon Survival Forums.

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