Note from JWR:

After more than 10 years of searching, it now appears that a movie production company wants to buy my “Pulling Through” screenplay. I hope to be posting more news about this development sometime in the next two weeks.Stay tuned.

Letter Re: How/Where Can I Learn About Fiber Arts?

Dear Memsahib: In your biography, I noticed that you wrote: “I also have taught Fiber Arts. I can shear a sheep, angora goat, or angora rabbit and wash, card, dye, spin, knit, weave, (and/or felt) the wool into socks, mittens, a hat, scarf, or a sweater.” Speaking for those who … Continue reading

Two Letters Re: Are Simultaneous Inflation and Deflation Possible?

Jim, We are clearly experiencing deflation, as bad debt and derivatives unwind. At the same time there appears to be massive inflation by the Fed, or else where did the three Trillion for Iraq come from? The only “X factor” now is the money multiplier. Reserve requirements are now [effectively] … Continue reading

Odds ‘n Sods:

I recently heard from three different storage food vendors that they are getting deluged with orders. Apparently, the recent economic news and reports of grain shortages have worked together to cause people to suddenly want to lay in a supply of long term storage food. Both Mountain House and Alpen … Continue reading

Are Simultaneous Inflation and Deflation Possible?

I often have friends and clients ask me how I can talk about inflation and deflation in the same breath. They’ve asked: “But I thought that inflation and deflation were contradictory. How do you think that we could experience both inflation and deflation at the same time?” Let me explain, … Continue reading

Letter Re: Building a Kalashnikov at Home

Dear Jim, As you know, it’s legal in America to build your own standard firearm for personal use [by manufacturing your own receiver.] One of the best ways to get a discreet, legal, off-paper SHTF rifle is an imported de-milled Kalashnikov (AK) kit, with a new, home-built receiver. Take a … Continue reading

Odds ‘n Sods:

Billy S. found this piece: Is Zimbabwe-style Inflation Coming to America? $500,000 for a cigarette?    o o o Courtesy of our friend Eric comes this from The Seattle Times: Wheat Hits Record on US Inventory Report    o o o PMac found us a “Fun little list of Dream … Continue reading

Note from JWR:

The high bid in the current SurvivalBlog Benefit Auction lot is now at $80. The auction is for three items: a 120 VAC/12 VDC BedFan Personal Cooling System (a $99 retail value), kindly donated by the manufacturer, a Thieves Oil Start Living Kit (a $161 retail value) donated by Ready … Continue reading

Letter Re: Drastic Changes in the Global Derivatives Market–Be Ready for the Mother of All Bailouts

Jim, Scroll down this article to the link to the Quarterly Derivatives Fact Sheet. It shows Citi[Bank] exposed to $3 trillion and J.P. Morgan at $7.8 trillion [in OTC derivatives.] Continue to the bottom of the piece for “Intelligence Czar Can Waive SEC Rules.” It looks like the Plunge Protection … Continue reading