Letter Re: Mossberg Mariner Pistol Grip Shotguns and Underground Cashing

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Just curious - would the Mossberg Mariner [one variant of which is now sold in the special waterproof canister packaging] make a decent tube that I can bury on land? Thanks, - Redclay

JWR Replies: Yes, they will work for underground caching since the canisters have an o-ring seal. They should seal well, but it is advisable to add another layer of protection. If nothing else, add a couple of layers of trash bags alternating with cardboard boxes then another trash bag. That way when you dig up the canister, it will have a little protection--and advance warning--when you shovel tip is getting close. Also, you will pull out a canister that isn't slimy with mud from stem to stern. ("Been there, done that.") If you live in an area that doesn't have rocky soil, you can use a post hole digger to plant your canisters vertically. This makes them harder to spot with a metal detector. But if you do, dig an oversize hole and surround the wrapped canister with sand to make extraction easier. Parenthetically, make sure that you take GPS coordinates for your caching site, and record measured distances from several large landmarks. Trees can be removed, fence lines moved, and so forth. You do not want to spend a lot of time digging, especially post-TEOTWAWKI.

OBTW, I'm not a big fan of pistol grip type shotguns. They are painful to shoot, and not very accurate without a lot of practice. If you desire compactness, I recommend folding stock shotguns, most of which can be fired from the "stock folded" position in an emergency.

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