From David In Israel: On Passive Solar Water Heating

James After Passover the weather in Israel always turns hot and clear. Perfect weather to save money. American hot water heating is always on and is always wasting electricity or gas. Passive solar is cheap and simple plus it can be supplemented with electrical on cold days. It is law … Continue reading

Letter From Michael Z. Williamson Re: Countdown to Collapse

Jim: In response to Rosy the Bull, I have to say I’m not so pessimistic. I heard similar dire warnings about how the US economy would collapse at $3 a gallon gas, and it didn’t happen. A great many countries in Europe and Asia, with smaller economies than ours, are … Continue reading

Three Letters Re: Folding Fighting/Utility Knife Recommendations?

Jim, Good to see your using the CRKT knives. They are very affordable. I also like the 12 series tantos. Thery have a good portable size. I followed the link that you provided. I hope you didn’t pay the $48.00 price though, I sell that same knife on eBay for … Continue reading

Letter Re: Brushy Hillsides: Better to Leave As-Is for Erosion/Landslide Control

Hello, I’ve been reading your superb site for some time and have learned a lot. There’s lots of interesting and helpful stuff. As a family, we are about to leave the shores of ‘Airstrip One’ [England] and have purchased a few acres of Greek island to return to our smallholding … Continue reading

Letter Re: Folding Fighting/Utility Knife Recommendations?

Hello, We have a copy of your novel “Patriots” published by Huntington House; and even had the 8.5 x 11 [self-published] precursor to the book. I’d like to ask you a question. Do you know of any tactical/SERE knife evaluation forums out there. I’d like to obtain the best folder … Continue reading

Letter Re: Springfield Armory XD Series Polymer Frame Pistols are the Ars Nova

Dear Jim, I love the site and have learned much. As soon as I can scrape together some extra money, I will be joining the Ten Cent Challenge. “Some Guy” wrote about the lack of availability of spare parts for the XD series pistols and the lack of certified armorers. … Continue reading

Letter Re: Ponds, Aquaculture, and Pond Predators

Hello James, In the event of a TEOTWAWKI scenario, as discussed previously on your blog, food and water will become critical in supply. My query is to seek out knowledge from within your following on newly constructed ponds as a water and food source. Here are my questions: 1). What … Continue reading

Letter Re: Peak Oil, Hyperinflation, and Economic Collapse

Hey James, Hope you and your family are well. I have read many books on the coming economic collapse and Peak Oil, your opinion and also your readers comments on SurvivalBlog. For quite a bit of it, I agree. However, I doubt we’ll see a true TEOTWAWKI because of a … Continue reading

Odds ‘n Sods:

The much-publicized Iranian oil bourse, conducting trades in Euros, opens for business next week. o o o SurvivalBlog reader R.B.S. (who kindly sends us several links every day) spotted this interesting site: The U.S. Gas “Temperature” Map. As you can see, Wyoming has some of the lowest prices–proving yet again … Continue reading