Still More About Silver’s Imminent Price Explosion

You may have noticed that the spot price of silver jumped another 20 cents yesterday. Take a few minutes to read these two interesting analyses that recently ran at and, In the latter article, it is noted that the silver 60 date lease rates just went into … Continue reading

Letter Re: Questions on Petromax Lanterns (and Clones Thereof)

Hi Jim, When TSHTF it is nice to have a lantern that can use almost any flammable liquid for fuel, including used motor oil. Also, one can mix the present fuel with whatever else is available to fill the lantern and continue to use it.This German designed lantern has been … Continue reading

Letter Re: Storing Retort Packaged Ultra High Temperature Pasteurized Milk

Howdy Jim, For those with sufficient storage space, an item worth considering is the UHT (Ultra High Temperature) pasteurized milk products. In one-quart containers at around $1.40, they are available in whole milk and the 2% variety. The manufacturers give a shelf life of 6 to 10 months and the … Continue reading

Letter from The Army Aviator Re: Follow-Up Letter From “Shooter” Re: The Draw Technique, or “Shooter’s Five Steps to Keeping Ten Fingers”

Jim: Shooter wrote: “as Instructor Greg told me last night, armed citizens will probably draw their weapons more times than they will shoot them in a potential lethal force encounter.” I’ve been carrying for over 40 years now and have always gone by the rule if you show your weapon … Continue reading

Letter Re: The Best All-Around Dog Breed for a Retreat?

Note from JWR: The following letter is a reply to the excellent series of informative letters on various dog breeds that ran in December of 2005. Refer to the SurvivalBlog Archives for those letters. James: I would like to mention the cur breeds as dogs that could be useful in … Continue reading

Odds ‘n Sods:

Reader M.W. recommends:   o o o A reader wrote to mention that in a controlled, independently reviewed study published in the Journal of Trauma, a comparison of Traumadex and Quickclot in a porcine model (severed femoral artery) showed that Quickclot was much more effective.   o o o … Continue reading

Letter Re: David in Israel on Fire Suppression and Fire Fighting

Greetings JWR, A few words about the article that David sent you on fire suppression: While I admit my wildland fire fighting experience is limited, as a member of private forest industry we do a lot for fire prevention. My associations with fire run deep. David recommended talking to state … Continue reading

Letter Re: Questions on Petromax Lanterns (and Clones Thereof)

Mr. Rawles: I was researching lanterns a couple of months ago and came across information that it is possibly hazardous to use gasoline in Petromax type lanterns. I also found that Coleman makes a “kerosene only” pressure lantern and two British companies make kerosene pressure … Continue reading

Follow-Up Letter From “Shooter” Re: The Draw Technique, or “Shooter’s Five Steps to Keeping Ten Fingers”

Jim, I should probably put a disclaimer at the top of my next article. Let me say that “B.B.” is right. We should all be aware of our local laws and regulations with regards to use of lethal force. That being said, as Instructor Greg told me last night, armed … Continue reading

Odds ‘n Sods:

The folks at “Big Secrets” have updated their web page on alternative shelter. See:  Most of these techniques will not meet building codes, but should suffice “When the Schumer Hits the Fan.” (WTSHTF) and you have precious few alternatives to house refugees in a hurry.     o o … Continue reading